Adhyayan is a learning center in Zamrudpur Village. The NGO, registered as a Society on 5th February 2014, focuses on providing the children and women of its village with educational and vocational support.



Recent Events and Updates

Annual Educational Trip, 2016 - Adhyayan, as a part of its third such endeavor, organised an annual trip to Himachal Pradesh for its students. 

Collaboration with Basta - Adhyayan recently collaborated with Basta: Waste to Worth, an initiative started by Lady Shri Ram College students

VIsit to Karm Marg - Teachers of ADHYAYAN visited at the Karm Marg NGO located in Faridabad.

Upcoming Events 

Independence Day - 15th August, 2016

Every year on this day the children of Adhayan put up performances, take part in events such as poster making, poem recitation and end the day with a kite flying competition - an activity that children await with much enthusiasm! We invite people to be a part of any of these activities and celebrate this day with us in its truest spirit! 

Janamashtmi - 25th August, 2016

One of the biggest cultural events at the centre, Janamshtmi - the day that marks the birth of Lord Krishan, is a festival that is celebrated with great splendor and joy in the village. Attracting a crowd of 200+ people, the festival brings together the village and organizes celebrations for the day. 

Cleanliness Drive - October, 2016

In support of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Adhyayan will initiate a Cleanliness and Awareness Campaign across the village. Besides spreading awareness about the importance of having a clean environment, the students will set an example by sanitizing the village and surrounding areas. 



Amit Tiwari - “मैं तो अकेला ही चला था इस अंजान सफ़र में, और लोगों का साथ मिलता गया, और काफिला बनता ही चला गया…"

Amit Tiwari

Amit founded the group in 2010 in Zamrudpur with a bunch of children he wanted to help. Having studied at Manzil, an NGO run by Ravi Gulati, Amit had made up his mind quite early on to set up a similar organization in his own village.