Adhyayan is not just a non government organization - for the people of its village, it is a place to learn, grow, acquire skills and become employable. It's mission is to make children, men and women of the village aware, educated, able and independent citizens. It strives to bring about a sustainable change at the grass root level to empower people and encourage development.  

What We Do

Set up in 2010 by Amit Tiwari, Founder and President, Adhyayan is a learning centre in Zamrudpur Village. The NGO, registered as a Society on 5th February 2014, focuses on providing the children and women of its village with educational and vocational support. The children come from lower income groups of the society and seek to supplement their school curriculum by way of free classes on English, Mathematics, computers, music, art, theatre, dance and vocational skills. Women are aided by means of vocational training, such as sewing and candle making, and are also provided with education on women's right. Currently Adhyayan is home to 125 student and 20 women. The learning center is open 7 days a week and welcomes people willing to share their knowledge and spend some time with the children. 

For details on our programmes and curriculum, please click here.