I Learn, I Teach

The largest programme run at the center, it employs the “student teacher” model and puts into action a self sustainable model of bringing about a change at the grass root level of education. In this model, a student after mastering a particular subject teaches fellow students, while he himself continues to enhance his knowledge across other fields by learning from rest.


An initiative for holistic development of women which includes educating them about their rights, helping them understand the know-hows of where to sign, how to add and subtract amounts, deal with paper work in banks and teaching them to develop skills that can translate into tangible income-generating efforts. Most of the women at Adhyayan are working as house-helps and the idea is to enable them to make use of their talents to secure an identifiable, independent and a respectable vocation.


Encouraging the youth to develop an entrepreneurial streak. Teaching them how to be street-smart – from sourcing raw materials from right places, to teaching the right negotiation skills for business partnership, this program helps young children develop the right skill set to enable the development of their products.

Basta: Waste to Worth training programme

Unskilled and semi-skilled women in search of employment are imparted stitching skills under this programme, who in turn become a part of the student run initiative of LSR, Basta Waste to Worth.