Classes at Adhyayan are conducted taking a note from ourcore values for the classes to be the venue for two way interaction rather than formal atmosphere that students sit through in their schools. Our core values are learner centric, which we believe lies in building scientific temperament through sharing knowledge, encouraging the questioning, communication, valuing the initiation and actions.The focus is to guide their own learning, help them learn better and keep them interested in what they are doing while providing opportunity to learn from the volunteers/peers from diversified backgrounds at the same time.
Multiple classes at various levels are offered in subjects like English, Maths, Computer learning.Our emphasis also lies in bringing out their creative skills by encouraging active participation in crucial emotional outlets
including arts, music and expression taught by dedicated volunteers for Theatre, Dance, Painting, Craft making etc
Most of our volunteers are students themselves, and they bring the freshness and familiarity to the classes building strong teacher-student relationships. Our volunteers ensures that every student receives proper attention and feedback on regular basis.Our volunteers come from diversified backgrounds from UPSC aspirants, students of prominent institutes nearby in Delhi, Employees with experience etc. exposing students to different perspectives. Some of our old students , senior students teach junior levels and it is their way to giving back what they have learned from here. Adhyayan is benefited greatly from their skills and thankful to them for their selfless efforts.