Aimed at providing functional knowledge of spoken English, this class does not necessarily follows a curriculum. The module has been divided in three levels viz English Junior, Middle and Senior. In English Junior level, students are taught elementary level of the language such as framing of basic sentences, antonyms/synonyms, counting among others. The student is judged on the confidence level in conversing in the language.
In the English Middle level, the focus is on developing fluency and accuracy in the use of the language. Usually, students are asked to attempt extempore, skits and games.
In English Senior level, students get to discuss and debate on various socio political topics.
The English Classes provided by us is not modeled on a regular school format. The student’s progress is judged by teacher’s own discretion. Whenever the class teacher feels that the student has learned everything and is ready for the next level, he / she get promoted. There are neither any age criteria nor any fixed course duration for any level. These classes are run in the evening thrice a week